Superior security products that combine strength, function and design.


Our Security Solutions


The Maxidor Ultra security barrier / security doors with its double Slamlock™, strong connecting components and rugged construction provide maximum security and peace of mind.


Visible deterrent for lower risk applications. Our security gates and/or doors are designed with African conditions in mind, the Maxidor MXA is fully retractable, boasts our Slamlock™, Style flights and is custom manufactured.

Swing Gates

The Maxi-Gate is a strong, welded steel security gate. The high-quality finish ensures years of wear and protection.

Maxi Grill Bars

The Maxi-Grill burglar bars are designed to fit neatly inside the space of any regular window or opening.

Clear View

Maxi-View Ultra bars provide you with protection, as well an attractive, see-through installation.

Maxi Fence

Maxi-Fence is ideal for applications requiring maximum security without sacrificing design and aesthetic appeal.

Roller shutters and Roll up Doors

The Maxi-Shutter offers an attractive way to secure all premises:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial premises

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Maxidor Fourways is an authorised distributor for Maxidor Security Barriers and Fences.
We pride ourselves as being part of the community with the aim of making South Africa safer one Maxidor at a time.

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