The best thing about a Maxidor is it’s price.

We know that you are constantly exposed to increasing crime statistics and you are well aware that security is important in a country like South Africa. For this reason, can you really afford not to invest in the best security products? Of course not! We understand that in order to provide the cream-of-the-crop security for yourself and your family, you will have to budget accordingly. This is why all of our consultants are equipped with credit card facilities.

Why choose financing?

Financing makes buying Maxidor security barriers easy and affordable through monthly repayment options.
This option offers convenience and total peace of mind.

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Call us for more information on our financing solutions, including payment terms and requirements, and a trained Maxidor consultant will assist you.

Financing Terms & Conditions

Speak to one of our consultants for a tailor made solution.

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Maxidor Fourways is an authorised distributor for Maxidor Security Barriers and Fences.
We pride ourselves as being part of the community with the aim of making South Africa safer one Maxidor at a time.

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